We have done so many works for so many clients, each client with diffrent requirement, as long as it is a web based.. we can do it.. Here are some of our works :

1. Web Design / Company Profile


2. Ecommerce (Custom Insurance Selling & Products Selling).


3. Bank Collection System (Collection List & Collection Settlement)


4. Dental Clinic System (Patient Data, Transaction, Payment)


5. Customer Relationship Management (Customer data, transaction, wallet. contact log).


6. Inventory System (Management Inventory : IN, OUT, OPNAME)


7. Production System (Production Costing Material to Labour)


Actualy still more projects we do and we cant put here.. If you have any interest to do anything Web Based System just CONTACT US NOW.

We will not CHARGE for CONSULT and we will HAPPY to give SOLUTION to OUR CUSTOMER.

Tutorial Video by Solusiprogram.net System

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Introduction Solusi Produksi

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